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hi all! just wanted to let know that i am still here and that i have a new blog home.
please head on over to: (

yuppers i moved to typepad :)
which means you have to re-enter your email address over on the new site (email box on the left hand side) so that you can continue to received updates
i plan to post more often so stay tuned!
see you over at my new blog home


today she is one...

on november 7 my baby girl was born...Happy Birthday Beautiful!

11 months...

you are cuter than ever!
an expert crawler, stair climber, mess maker, attention getter...
and by golly you got your first two bottom teeth at the same time!
its so cute to see you do all these things cause you are so little!
little you may be, but boy you have a voice that shakes the windows
i think you will be a singer (for those that know prepared for the next mini maria)
you will steal many hearts...especially daddy's
you are slowly building the courage to make that first step towards standing on your own or walking
you will gladly hold grandpa's hand to make that venture down the hall
but for now crawling is the easiest
and you like to travel far! making all kinds of discoveries...i think you will be a genius!
and your older brothers and sisters...
they love to see you grow!
especially when they saw your teeth for the first time, its like the world stopped and all they saw are two small while pearls
they sure like to smother you with kisses and lots of hugs...
elmo, now elmo is your favorite!
you love to hear him talk, sing, and move (i think it's love hehehe)
and seriously! we have to play elmo's song everyday on repeat
thank goodness for mommy's iphone cause that is were elmo's song lives
and we take elmo's song where ever we go
one more thing i want to remember is,
you are a cuddler and like i said an attention getter
when ever you want to sit with mommy or daddy you will come up and tap our laps or...
if we are busy doing something you would whine and whimper and if that does not work you will resort to bumping your head on the floor or the couch cushions
seriously? i think that would hurt...a little
but it works everytime...of course who can't resist those big brown eyes.

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