life at two months

its hard to believe i am 2 months old!

and there is so much to tell you!
mommy and daddy take good care of me

i also love my older brothers and sister

my oldest brother, he loves to talk to me and play with me
i don't like it so much when he puts his face so close to mine though cause all I can see are his lips

my youngest brother, he likes to always give me kisses and "pets me"
mommy always tells him "honey we don't pet the baby we touch the baby, she is not a cat"
my oldest sister...well she talks a lot and I mean a lot!
i can always her here in the back ground talking about all sorts of things and she always wears these funny clothes
i think she tries to put those funny clothes on me at times

i poop at least once a day
and when I do it is a big one!
mommy has to clean me real good cause my clothes get all soiled, sticky, and really smelly

i like to eat all the time so mommy gives me milk from the boob and sometimes from the bottle

mommy gives me the bottle so that i can grow faster cause the doctor says that i lost a lot of weight after i was born

after eating or during eating time i feel really tired and sleepy
mommy has to try to keep me up to feed

i like to nap all the time and when i finish my nap i feel all refreshed and happy
i love it when mommy, daddy, my brothers and sister talk to me and smile at me cause i smile back

i especially love it when my lolo (grandpa) sings me that crazy song that mommy can't sing
every time i fuss he sings me that song and it calms me right down

well i have to say that life at 2 months is great cause i have all of these people that love me

hope your having a great day!

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