What a week...

we had a week of runny noses and slight coughs

my poor girl and boy was home on monday with sore throats, coughs, and fevers
i am so glad that they got over it fast
my youngest one has a bit of a runny and stuffy nose so we have been steam treatment (in a bathroom with the shower on running hot water) so that she can get somewhat decongestant
by wednesday all is well and the kidlets are more like themselves
my son loves his baby sister and i am glad to see that, i think that he will become her protector
one last shot before i get on with scrappy
she gets cuter everyday!
she is alert, and very interested in everything around her
i so love her big round brown peepers... *smiles*

i made this accordion mini album some time ago and had it on my desk at work
it featured a few of the many pictures i took from our trip to the east coast to visit my DH's family
paper is from sassfralass (sorry pardon my spelling tehe...)
cardstock from close to my hear
embellies from ki memories
it now sits on my fireplace mantel

more later...Oprah is on!


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