the day a gave birth to our youngest baby girl my eldest was so thrilled to learn that she has a baby sister to love...

i remember the morning when i was still pregnant, my daughter came to me and this was the conversation we had

g: "mommy can i tell you something?"
me: "hmmm?"
g: "i had a dream last night"
me: "about what"
g: "i had a dream that Jesus came to me holding a baby, and He said that you are going to have a baby girl and that i am going to have a baby sister named..."
me: "oh?"
g: "it was so real mommy!"
me: "that is so awsome! say a prayer sweetheart...and you never know"

little did i know her dream came true and since then i saw her faith blossom and i knew that God had answered her prayers

my hope for my daughters is for them to become great friends
being the big hope is that she will teach her baby sister to be the best she can be
that they will be there for each other through all the good times and the bad
that they will tell each other stories, laugh together, sing together, cry together, pray together
this warms my heart knowing that they will be forever sisters...
it will be so amazing to watch these two grow and become great friends...



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