5 months

my goodness how times flies!
5 months...really?
she is smiling all the time
laughing when i tickle her
loves to play while on tummy time
likes to play with anything that has straps on it
eating a lot more...started her on rice cereal and absolutely loves it!
grabs everything in sight!
loves to pat mommy, daddy's, and big brothers face...i think it is her way of showing that she loves us   :)
definitely very vocal...hehehe i love those high pitched screams she makes
has a case of stranger anxiety, i am hoping she will grow out of it
and those eyes! gets prettier everyday
5 months has gone by so fast!
i loved every minute of it  :)


(she is actually six months when i wrote this, i am a a little behind...tehe)

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

she is just too cute!

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