our four...

when my hubby and i met 11 years ago (really has it been that long?)
who would have thought that we would have four beautiful children...
yup two boys and two girls...that is a nice even number  :)

our oldest
she is spirited
has a strong willed personality
has this amazing stare that makes you think that she is angry with you (hehehehe)
she has many stories to tell
her faith is so amazing! i love how she reads her children's bible every night before going to sleep
she is very stubborn and can be a worry wort

our second...
he has a very interesting sense of humor and funny at that
he is smart for his own good (can pick up things quick)
is eager to learn about the world
has a temper like you would not believe....better hide when he's angry
he can be inpatient that's okay cause so am i (haaaaaa!)
loves receiving presents and can be selfish (needs to work on sharing)
loves to be snuggled

our third
he is so sweet
will always have that baby face especially when he smiles
is rather shy
has the most cutest singing voice in the world
loves his video games

our fourth
oh how darling she is
has a smile that melts our heart
and a cry that we can't bare
is very attached to mommy and daddy
has the most sweetest laugh
her personality seems very calm
and those eyes....those big brown eyes

who would of thought we would have our four

and life?
we would not change it for anything cause we are truly blessed


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