6 months ...

really? half a year all ready?
6 months oh my

its the time for exploring
and trying new things
she's a big eater
likes her cereal
we tried sweet peas, carrots, green beans
she loves it all
but she started getting bum rash so... we stopped the veggies for a awhile cause she would get runny poop, we will try again in a couple of weeks
it's just rice cereal for now

she's a talker
yes she sure is
likes to babble and sing!
i think she is musical like her mama (hehe)

she's a scoocher hehe...
when she is on tummy time she scooches her tiny body backwards
yes backwards!!!!
she will also turn around in circles on her belly
it's the cutest thing
my how she is growing fast!
i can barely remember how small she was at birth

*sigh* i will cherish every cuddle especially at her 6 months


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