at 7 months...

my goodness where to begin!
she has reached incredible milestones this month
and is very busy these days! so much to discover!
she has a very good appetite and will eat just about everything we give her, she especially loves her baby mum mum's

she always has a smile for mommy and daddy ;)
still has stranger danger moments, hope she gets over it soon cause mommy will be going back to work in a few months
definitely is shy, that is totally okay (some people say it shows she is smart, hehe)
when she is shy she turns and buries her head on my shoulder (its the most cutest thing)

likes to tap her older brother's face, it is her way to say "i love you"
big sister loves to hold her and gives her kisses, but does not like it so much when she cries
her younger brother likes to hold her and give her cuddles and i often have to remind him to put her down, gently

all of this is happening so fast!
i can't believe that she can sit up on her own
and yes she is crawling!
we had to put gates up cause she likes to go on mini adventures around the house
especially when it comes to the cat zoe, there is an interest in zoe so she would try to crawl towards her (but zoe wants nothing to do with her so will often run away)

she has also started to pull herself up onto her knees to see what is on top of the coffee table
and will attempt to climb the first step of the stairs
i especially love it when she is in her crib and she will peer over the rail so that we can see her big brown eyes...
i can't get over her big brown eyes...
every where we go i have to stop cause there is always someone who stops by to say hello to those big brown eyes :)

it has been so long that i can't remember when my other children have reached this milestone
i can't believe how fast she is learning and growing
she is the most cutest, happiest, *ahem* smartest 7 month old i know, tehe

thought i would try to post a video of her chatting, enjoy!

"da, da, da ..." from Maria on Vimeo.

have a great weekend!

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Cheryll Argerbright said...

Hi Maria. Hugs from your mother-in-law. Ok, four kids, job, house, husband (ok, five kids), crochet, cards, scrapbooking business, etc.
Tell me again, where did my son find you?

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