10 months...

cute things i want to remember ...

you will scream and screech on top of your lungs to say "hey look at me!"
your brothers and sisters get a kick out of your vocal abilities and they laugh and laugh
i honestly think you will be a singer one day (just like mama hehehe)

they way you light up when we visit daddy at the school
and you will wave at him all happy and smiley

you have learned to say "mama" "kitty" and "there"
you must be a genius!

books! you love books! especially the books that we keep for you on the coffee table that seem to always find its on the floor with the board pages open
you have an eye for the green leaf, and the yellow duck :)
i think you like anything that is colorful
now that pointer finger of yours
is the most adorable little thing i have seen by far!
when you see something that interests you, you will point at it till you can touch it

food! you definately love food
when you see the big kids eat you want to eat too
everytime we eat you will screech and scream until we give some to you to taste

music! now music! you are a genius! grandpa will take you to the piano and you will play such lovely soft music just like your brothers
when music is played, you do the twist with a huge smile on your face :)
especially when elmo's world is playing you like freeze and watch the little red furry monster on the tv or youtube

you sure like to get into everything, especially the storage area
you have learned to open the door and sneak into the storage space under the stairs
the tupperware seems to always find its way all over the kitchen floor and under the dining table
someone must have also learned to open the tupperware drawer
sneaky i tell you!

you are still little, i mean really!
all of your clothing is size 6 months - 9 months
but that is okay cause the clothes last longer 
and i love that you are little cause it means i get to enjoy your baby stages longer :)

you are so attached to me, big time!
i will be going back to work soon :(
so i have been taking you to the lovely lady that will be taking care of you once a week
and i tell you...
you are not enjoying it
tears come when she touches you or even comes near you
we have to work on that for the next 6 weeks
oh how i can hold these moments forever!


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