Eight Days a Week

eight days I give love to four people

today it was all about the Beatles Rock Band on the Wii, cause hubs got it on sale from Best Buy.

and I thought when did these kids get so big!!! They were for once playing and cooperating with each other (for the most part anyways, hehehe)

during those eight days a week, when did she get so big!

during those eight days a week when did he get so smart!

during those eight days a week, when did he get so adorable?

eight days a week, I still love him to pieces...

eight days a week, this happened...tehe

no creation today, as I have been organizing my scrapbooks and photos so that I can do more scrapping and cardmaking

besides I have not been feeling creative lately, cause I have been more interested in sleeping. hehehehe.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

Love this kind of blog post and it's great to see your fab family! I'm thinking this is a perfect scrapbook page too! ;o)

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