4 months...

she's nearly five months actually but i wanted to do a four month post so i still have a little more time hehehe
at four months she is the cutest ever!
she is full of smiles and has the biggest beautiful brown eyes ever
i love how i walk into the room and she sees me...her arms and legs move with excitement with a huge smile that totally melts my heart
she has a calm personality for the most part
definitely lets us know when she is not happy
gets nervous/shy around people she is not familiar with (stranger anxiety maybe?)
plays well by herself for about 15 to 20 mins (that allows me to do dishes or do some crafting)
and she rolls! yes she rolls...from tummy to back
and can grab things that go straight to her mouth time to put away the small toys around the house
yes she is so sweet! i can't get enough of her...
i can watch her sleep for hours on end
she so loves to be snuggled...i can hold her forever
this pic was taken on the day of her shots i must say that she handled it well
and just for fun i will add a pic of me and her on this post
cause one day my kidlets will start reading my blog and wonder why there are hardly any pictures of me (hence i am the one taking the pics all the time)
i think it is safe to say that she is my mini me



1 comment:

Colleen said...

She's sooo cute and what wonderful pics and memories to have recorded!

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