love is in everyday moments...

yes love is in everyday moments especially when

i see my dh with this baby girl that he calls "one of daddy's baby girl's"
he whispers in her ears words of comfort that calms her right down when she cries
i can see in his eyes the love he has for his "baby girl"
this is the same look he has for all of our four children and
every story he tells them
every kiss on the forehead
every word of encouragement
every hug he gives them is
"love in everyday moments"

mind you my dh does have his not so good moments (as do i) when things are overwhelming and we get frustrated, however we still remind ourselves that we love our four and everything we do for them is out of love
God gave us these four because he knows that we can handle it (even if we think we can't hehehehe)

haaaa! my daughter some how talked my son into dressing up like a female pioneer doesn't he look happy? (
awww my poor baby boy had a run in with the corner of the table when he was play wrestling with his older brother (hence the bruised puffy eye)....boys will be boys
and yes he sure loves his ice cream
and there is this girl...i can't get over how sweet she is that i constantly have to give her lots of hugs and kisses (she looks annoyed does she? heeeee!)
i have been wanting to post these pictures and i am glad that i finally had the chance to :)

also i thought that i would also post a card as i have not done so in a while
designer pattern paper is from the yellow bicycle
stamp - sorry i can't remember the life of me where i got the sentiment stamp from i have had it for a long time
flowers are from prima
butterfly is from a martha stewart paper punch
and the metal embellishment is from imagenese (hope i spelled that right)

well have a great one where ever you are!



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