"mommy i am 8 years old..."

and that is what my 8 year old said on the morning of his birthday
he is so proud to be eight years old cause there are so many things about him that makes him truly an eight year old boy

this year he started baseball...

i can't get over the cute faces he makes as he tries to hit the ball, hehehe

at this age...
he is so confident
a good reader
excellent in school
always has an interesting sense of humor
likes to make all kinds of jokes
makes friends easily
play wrestles with his brother (boys will be boys)
and definitely speaks his mind :)
gives lots of hugs and kisses to his baby sister

we celebrated as a family with lots of love
and lots of ice cream cake, oreo ice cream cake to be exact...he picked the cake...yummmmm!
he has grown so much and is becoming a handsome young man :)
happy birthday!

hugs :)


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