6 years old is not so little anymore...

you are the cutest, good looking, smart, funny, cutest (i already said that didn't i?) 6 year old that i know
we celebrated your 6 birthday last week and we had a blast :)
all you really wanted was to spend your birthday together as a family
to watch Captain America and Smurfs (there's a blast from the past hehehe)
to have dinner together
and blow the candles on your cake
you sister spent the morning baking a rainbow cake just for you
it was all like an episode of cake boss in our kitchen that morning  :s
the first thing you said was "wow that is a big cake!"

you have grown so much!
and yet you are so little, to mommy and daddy anyways :)
you are kind, thoughtful, imaginative, a great musician, and you like to keep your cool
you love video games, wait i think the right word is addicted to video games
if you had your way you would play the xbox 360 all day

you so look up to your brother
everything he does you want to do too
usually it has something to do with being notty

your sister still thinks you are cute
especially when you sing and play by your self
i think it is the sweetest thing, it's that baby in you
you are the cutest, sweetest, 6 year old i know (i said it again tehe)


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