8 months...

i can't believe how much you have grown!
there is so much you can do
its like the door of discovery opened and you just want to explore!
you crawl so fast with your eyes scoping the floor
thinking what little things can i pick up with my hands
unfortunately every little thing you pick up goes straight in your mouth
so mommy and daddy have to make sure the floor is clear of little things that can hurt you
we make sure that your brothers and sister are on board with this

you always want to be part of the action whether it be watching TV
or wanting to play the drums on rockband
i can't get over how cute you are!
so small and sweet

you still have a very big appetite
which i am happy to see  :)
you especially love those little cereal puffs
hehehe i love watching you eat
it's the cutest thing
that tiny pointer finger i so love it!!!!

and with major determination
you have learned to climb the stairs
yes i could not believe it!
you were a little scared at first cause those stairs are quite high
you would climb one step then look back and wimper a little
repeat until you got to the top
cute really  :)

you always have a smile on your face and i so love that about you.   :)


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