Sweet Pea

Just a short post tonight as it is rather way past my bedtime. We had a wonderful visitor tonight. She was our former caregiver for our three kids. She came tonight to give our baby his birthday present. I am so glad that she still visits the kids as she is an important person in my kids life, like a second mom to them especially to my youngest one. Speaking of baby I thought I would post a baby card tonight. My DH's best friend had a baby boy just recently so I thought I would make a card to send out.

This paper came from Making Memories - the flower patch line. I figure the polka dots would make a great match for a baby boy card. I also had dotted ribbon to kinda go with the paper. Here is one I made for a baby girl.

I could not resist the baby in the pod image from Great Expressions. So easy to color in with copics too. I thought about making the image 3D by cutting the pod, the flower, and the peas. Hmmm....for the next card I will do so.The saying also came from Great Expressions.

And it so true that a baby smells so sweet to the nose. I still can't over the fact that my youngest is 4! Still my baby though. Okay...more tomorrow.

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