School's over.....

That is right! School is finished for the year and the kids are all excited about the summer filled with swimming lessons and backyard play. It will be a challenge to keep them busy for two months, but hubby and I will try our best. Okay ... maybe hubby will since he is with them all summer while I work. Hopefully the weather will be better than it has been.

I didn't get the chance to make teacher gifts this year, instead I chipped in for a class gift from all of the students. It sure made things easy!

I have been quite busy over the months making wedding invites ...

aren't they pretty colors! I didn't take pictures of them unfolded, because I wanted to keep the couple's wedding information private. The wedding itself will be on the beach so the invite has seashell details on the inside and the outside. I made the invites compact with a tri-fold and a belly band around it to keep it closed. The bride wanted a picture of them holding hands on the front to represent their union, I love that personal touch!

Will be back tomorrow!

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Colleen said...

Very pretty invites! I did end up making a year end gift for Kyle's teacher, but I did it the day before!

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